Ozone Park Face M - Camo w. adjustable stopper

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  • dustproof / windproof 3D sport face mask cover
  • made with lightweight water-resistant fabric
  • inner layer 100% cotton
  • back filter pocket for inserting filter
  • 5 PM2.5 filter included (each filter can last 5 days)
  • machine washable, tumble dry low in dryer
  • out-flow exhalation valve reduce carbon dioxide
  • elastic strap one size fit all design
  • adjustable nose bridge
  • adjustable stopper added for better fit 


Common Questions To Ask (FAQ) :
  • How Often Should I Wash My Mask?
  • Once every two days, if you engage in outdoor activities. Once every five days for a regular use.
  • How To Wash Machine Ozone Park Mask?
  • You can use the washing machine or hand wash to clean the mask. However, you can only use the dryer at low temperature. 
  • Is This a Medical Use Mask?
  • No. Machine Ozone Park Mask can only be used in daily activities. 
  • What's The Use of Valve On The Mask?
    Exhalation Valve is designed to release hot, humid exhaled breath quickly, helping to prevent an unpleasant build up of heat inside the face-piece and increase comfort for respirator wearers. 
  • There are articles said that the valve is banned, is that true?  
  • The one they banned are those with the valve and DOESN'T have an additional layer behind the valve, but the Machine Ozone Park mask has the cotton layer pocket behind the valve, also can add the PM 2.5 filter as an option, so the air won't be flowing through the valve directly.