About Us



We pride ourselves on creating engineered garments that are made to function well in athleisure aesthetic. An apparatus having several parts, each with a definite function together performing a particular task.  Every piece is a key component to bring form and function together like a fine tune engine. 

In 1999, We started by taking cue from the human body in motion and match it up to the complex creation of one of mans greatest achievements, the automobile. You could still trace the mark from our designs with racetrack pattern. 

In the world like an arena, accuracy & timing is everything. You might only have 20 minutes to switch from working place to gyms, before catching up an oversea phone call with a client. After more than 20 years of cultivation, we make sure our designs are right on time, built on precision engineering, to provide you the most comfortable sportswear with high-mobility. 


Our Mission

To be your driving force to break the limit.